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Below are forms that may be completed for The Foodie School.

Please read the details of each as some are required.

Class Waiver

  • This is a required form.

  • This form must be completed prior to attending each class.

  • This form must be completed by each individual participant attending class.

  • Completing this form is your acceptance of The Foodie School terms as your electronic signature.


Manage Class Bookings

  • Signing up as a member of The Foodie School is optional.

  • When you signup as a member of The Foodie School you will be able to manage your Classes online.

Class Evaluation

  • This is an optional form.

  • It may be completed after you've attended any The Foodie School class.

  • If you would like to discuss the class in more detail, please Contact Us as well as completing the Evaluation.

Cancellation Form

  • This form must be submitted prior to class anytime you'd like to cancel.

  • Must adhere to the Cancellation Policy listed on the form.

  • If you are experiencing Covid-19 symptoms, use this form to your class for a Future Class Credit.

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