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Come learn new skills and recipes in our Hands On Classes listed below. We have a variety of classes on our schedule to fit a variety of skill levels and interests. Check out the full listing of classes below. 


Quick FAQ:

  • CAN'T FIND A CLASS TO TAKE: We release new classes monthly and send updates in our weekly newsletter of last minute openings. Sign up on our home page for more information. 

  • CLASS NUMBERS/AGES: Our class openings allow for up to 16 students to typically 1-2 instructors. Most classes are intended for students 18+. Occasionally, we run classes for kids and teens. If you would like to bring a teen to class, please e-mail us at with the age of your child to ask if a class is appropriate for that age group BEFORE registering.

  • ALLERGIES/RESTRICTIONS: If you have allergies or food restrictions please email us at BEFORE registering for a class to make sure adjustments are able to be made. Please notify us of any and all restrictions because we sometimes add ingredients such as bacon or wine to a dish even if it is not listed in the title of the recipe. If the chefs have to buy more than 2 additional ingredients or make 2 separate mise en place for recipes, a $10 charge will be incurred. Adjustments cannot be made during class as all ingredients for the recipes are already measured out for the class.

  • TIME TO ARRIVE: Please arrive at least 15 minutes before class time so we are able to start class on time and give you the full class experience that we have planned. We serve light nibbles before class in case you're coming right from work.

  • WINE/BEER: The Foodie School is BYOB; you are welcome to bring your own beer or wine. Wine/Beer glasses and openers are provided for you. Water and a variety of NA beverages will be provided.

  • TO GO CONTAINERS: We are not qualified by the health department to sell food because we are an educational space, which means no food can be brought home after class. We provide instruction and students are allowed to eat what they make in class, but not to take food home. Come prepared to chow down! We prepare a generous three course meal in class.

  • TIPPING: We have a wonderful crew of volunteers who assist us with dishes, service, and class management. If you would like to show them appreciation, we have a tip jar for cash or a QR code for Venmo

Public Class List

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